Horse ordinance approved, downtown parking resolved

SAVANNAH, Ga. – In this type of heat there’s a serious risk for heat exhaustion, even death, which goes for us as well as the animals.

That’s why council approved the new ordinance that prohibits horse-drawn carriages to operate when it’s hotter than 95 degrees outside.

It also adds caregivers will need to monitor the horse’s temperature and respiratory rate when is hits 85 degrees.

“Enforcement staff as well as the ambassadors will be going through some type of training within the next month so they can be actively aware and engaged in monitoring the horses health when they’re out in the street,” Bridget Lidy, the City of Savannah tourism director, said.

This ordinance was created back in 1977 and this is the first time it has been revised.

Another hot topic was the parking matters project. Alderman Julian Miller took the liberty of drafting a resolution that was approved to fit the needs of the city.

The project will be constructed in phases. The first phase will tackle North of Liberty Street.

Parking times will be Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. During this time all meters downtown will be replaced with electric meters.

Miller also proposed employees who work downtown to have a shuttle service for cheaper and safer parking.

“We have to start with providing a parking area, a safe secure parking area, nearby for those employees who work in the businesses downtown,” Miller said.

Again, the proposed changes will only be made North of Liberty Street. Meaning, St. Vincent’s Academy will not be touched for another two years until they begin work South of Liberty.

These new changes will go into effect in 2018. Also, right now city official said it’s too much to try and charge for parking on Sundays.

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