Armstrong House to serve new purpose

One of Savannah’s most famous historic homes is changing hands this week.

The Armstrong House has been sitting on the corner of Bull and Gaston streets since construction began in 1916.

For decades, it has been home to Bouhan Falligant – one of Savannah’s oldest law firms, but the owners of the building sold it last year and the firm has been plotting a move to a new building ever since. The move is taking place this week.

Before the firm, it was owned by local antique dealer, Jim Williams, who was featured in the famous book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The house was featured in the movie based on the book, too.

At first, all 23,000 square feet belonged to the George Armstrong family and then it was home to Armstrong College. Now it belongs to Richard Kessler – the Savannah native who develops luxury hotels like the Mansion on Forsyth Park.

News 3 talked to one of the leaders of the law firm about moving on.

“We’ve enjoyed the building, it’s a great building,” said Leamon Holliday. “It will continue to be a great building because this building is one that’s built to last and it has very unique architectural features which I think are well implemented and well preserved.”

The firm is moving to a brand new building on the south side of Forsyth Park at the corner of Bull Street and Park Avenue.

Calls to Kessler’s company were not returned about what he plans to do with the building. At first, neighbors told News 3 there were plans in the works for a hotel. Now, many believe Kessler will live in the house.

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