WSAV Identity Safe Recycling Day is June 10 in Savannah, Bluffton and Statesboro


GEORGIA (WSAV) – WSAV’s Identity Safe Recycling Day has been rescheduled for June 10. Join us then with any personal documents you have been saving since the fall. Everything will be shredded by Shred-It.

WSAV’s Identity Safe Recycling Day will be held at three locations:

Savannah: Chatham County Resource Conservation and Recycling Center—1321 Eisenhower Drive

Bluffton: Goodwill of the Lowcountry—509 Island West Park

Statesboro: Queensborough Bank—201 South Main Street

We also urge you to bring any old computers or laptops. Goodwill will be there to strip hard drives and either recycle or refurbish old electronics.

This will be WSAV’s 24th Identity Safe Recycling event since the program began in 2005. During the duration of this program, we’ve shredded just shy of 873,000 lbs/436 tons of paper and collected 8,700 computers and peripherals to be refurbished or recycled.

In last years’ two ID Safe events, we shredded 101,000 lbs. of documents and collected nearly 1,000 computers and peripherals.

Shredding and recycling paper does far more than get rid of those piles of documents you do not need anymore. Since 2005, the recycling of 436 tons of paper has:

Saved more than 7,000 trees.

Saved nearly 3 million gallons of water.

Saved more than 1,200 cubic yards of landfill space.

Saved 840 barrels of oil.

Saved more than 1.7 million kilowatt hours of electricity; enough to power 420 average homes for 5 months.

You can bring UP TO 5 BOXES of documents but, because so many people take advantage of WSAV‘s Identity Safe Recycling Day, that limit has to be enforced.

Best news, as usual, IT’S ALL FREE.




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