Fidget spinners meant to help kids pay attention in class are now causing more distractions

BLUFFTON, Sc. (WSAV) – Fidget spinners and fidget cubes are little plastic objects designed for children who have trouble paying attention, but they’ve now become a fad that’s spinning out of control in classrooms.

“I can probably attribute my business being up 10% by just the amount of spinners I’m selling every day. It’s unbelievable,” said Steve Maleh, owner of Surf’s Up in Hilton Head.

He sells about 250 of these new fidget toys every week.

“Red, green black, you name it the kids are collecting every color,” he said.

They come in different designs, Batman shaped, glow in the dark and are selling for anywhere between $10 to $100 dollars.

“Put it between your finger and give it a spin..: That’s all you do,” Maleh said.

A simple spin—designed to help children with ADHD and ADD sit still longer and stay focused. Fidget cubes are little less popular, but they have buttons to click, flip, roll, and more.

“There are certain children who just need to move,” said Kathy Corley, the principal at Red Cedar Elementary, “In the beginning it was great because it released the tension it was supposed to release.”

“But… There are now many different colors, there are some that light up, they want to trade them, we can’t do that… it becomes a thing,” Corley said, “It becomes a toy, something to play with, and that’s unfortunate.”

While teachers we spoke with say they like the idea of them, fidget spinners are becoming a distraction in the classroom.

“Some students play with them underneath their desk and it’s fine if it helps them stay focused but other times it becomes a distraction when other students are watching what they’re doing,” said Kristen Parson, a 5th grade teacher at Pritchardville Elementary.

Schools like Pritchardville haven’t banned fidget spinners in their classrooms entirely.
Principals say they’re leaving that choice to each teacher because every kid is different and, really, they want to do whatever they can to help each of students learn.

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