Hilton Head High School Ranked 2nd in South Carolina

IB teachers say program challenges them to find new and different ways to educate

As the song says, “children are our future”.
But at Hilton Head Island High School the future is now.

Students are benefitting from an old program which puts a new spin on learning, and is gaining the school national recognition.

Hilton Head Island High School has earned South Carolina’s No. 2 ranking and 240 in the nation in The Washington Post’s annual listing of “America’s Most Challenging High Schools.”

The Post ranks schools through an index formula based on a simple ratio: the number of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and Advanced International Certificate of Education tests given at a school each year, divided by the number of seniors who graduated that year.

School leaders credit programs that make students think and question. Programs like the International Baccalaureate or IB program.

IB program at Hilton Head Island High School designed to challenge students and give them options

“They helped me see that i can push myself and i can do it and i’ve done a lot already and I shouldn’t stop there,” said Hilton Head Senior Antonia Quintero.

“It helps kids realize that it makes kids realize they can work harder and they can take it a step forward,” explains Shea Jenkins, a Hilton Head Senior.

IB Is higher level courses in science, history and english. But the learning doesn’t stop there. There are IB classes in other disciplines like music and sports medicine. Something for everyone. Giving “everyone” a chance to branch out and learn, while challenging the teachers too.

IB teachers say program challenges them to find new and different ways to educate

“Because of the scope and the expanse of the problem itself we are always looking for ways to present it creatively,” said Duncan Aspinwall-Winter, Hilton Head Island High School IB Department Chair. “It enhances our knowledge base as well so we are constantly involved in proving what we know and hopefully we pass that on to the kids.”

“I dont think we realize what the IB program does,” said Quintero. “When you see that see the statistics you realize wow we are being challenged and this is going to be something that will help us beyond high school.”

A high school that is rising up the charts itself.

Recently ranked the 240th most challenging school in the entire nation. The students give credit to the teachers.

Hilton Head High Island School ranked 2nd Most Challenging in South Carolina

“They can see the potential that not everyone sees in themselves,” sid Shea Jenkins.

The teachers say they can’t do it alone

“Its a team effort its us and its them,” explains Aspinwall-Winter. “and its the students willing to accept the challenge its us pushing them.”

Pushing forward. Toward college and a better future, one class at a time.

That 240 national ranking puts hilton head high in the top 12 percent of all high schools in the nation.

Hilton Head ranked 240th nationally out of 2,323 high schools (about 12 percent of the national total) qualifying for inclusion in the 2017 report. The only one of South Carolina’s 18 high schools listed in The Post’s report to rank higher was Charleston County’s Academic Magnet High School, which ranked No. 50.

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