Flowers for officer after act of compassion; can it change community relations?

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – It’s a story about a boy trying to show appreciation to a woman who offered him some help. He gives her flowers as a sign of that appreciation. It’s nice so far but is it all that newsworthy? Maybe so, since the woman is a police officer and the boy’s mom says an act of kindness from someone in uniform has helped change her mind and maybe her neighborhood’s attitude toward police.

It started Saturday when Savannah-Chatham Police Officer Molly Montgomery got a call for a dog bite.  “I knew I had to be the calming force especially when I arrived and saw a number of frightened children and adults,” Montgomery told us.

Montgomery soon found 9-year old Caron Newton who’d been bitten pretty badly on the top of his right arm by a pit pull. She says he was bleeding pretty badly “I told him don’t look at it, just talk to me because he panicked and I don’t blame him I would be scared, too,” Montgomery told us. “So I said,, on a scale of one to ten, how brave are you? And he told me a ten right now.”

Caron’s mom, Pearlisha said she was “just so grateful that Officer Montgomery was there.”

By Monday, her son was feeling better and Mrs. Newton had been making attempts to locate Officer Montgomery. That’s because Caron wanted to thank you and decided only a bouquet of roses would do. “I just wanted to thank her for helping me to survive,” Caron told us. “Officer Montgomery calmed me down, told me to breath and stayed with me.”

Tuesday afternoon, the flowers were presented to Montgomery who was surprised.

“So he comes to me with this beautiful roses and I got teary eyed because we don’t get a lot of thank yous–we don’t get a lot and when you do it just like hits you right in your heart and I’m so happy that the community noticed that I cared,” the officer told us.

Mrs. Newton also told us while there is certainly a “lot of negativity surrounding police and how some officers interact with communities (these days) that not all officers are negative.”

Newton telling us that the attitudes of some of her neighbors have changed because Officer Montgomery stayed and spoke to many and made attempts to find out more about the dog and its owner.

Officer Montgomery says no officer “does this because they expect to be thanked, but it was certainly appreciated.”

And Caron told us while the flowers were his idea, his “Mama actually picked them out.” Officer Montgomery didn’t seem to mind.

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