Protesters seek justice: ‘Stop the violence, increase the peace’

SAVANNAH, Ga. – A deadly weekend in the Hostess City has community members taking action by protesting the people who aren’t speaking out.

They were in front of City Hall Monday afternoon to make sure their voices were heard.

Red tape covered those protesters mouths, hoping to make a statement to city leaders and the community.

That followed by chants to end the deadly crime in Savannah.

Mothers of Murdered Sons, along with other community members, stood up for those they lost.

Organizers told News 3 that the tape symbolizes what happens when we do nothing.

It’s an effort to get those who have witnessed a crime to step forward and say something in hopes the suspects can be put behind bars.

“We’re not blaming people,” Linda Bryan, whose son died in 2015, said. “We’re not even talking. We’re just saying when you’re quiet and you have a closed mouth the body count goes up. When you’re quiet and you don’t tell Metro, the police department, the things that you know, there’s no way in this world that somebody can shout, like Hannah Brown. Seventyshots and nobody hears or sees anything. So, we’ve got cowards walking around this city and people know who they are and they’re not saying anything.”

We’d like to remind you that CrimeStoppers, 912-234-2020, is an anonymous tip line.

So, if you do see something, you can say something without revealing your identity.

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