Georgia governor’s race already in swing

(WSAV) – Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle says as the son of a single mom, he learned the value of hard work early on in life. “I attended eight different elementary schools by the time I reached the sixth grade,” he told a group of folks last week at Daniel Defense in Bryan County. “And today in Georgia, 25 percent of of our students are still living in poverty. They need someone who’s going to fight for them every single day to give them an open door of opportunity, and I believe as governor (if elected) – that my chief role is to ensure that every single citizen is not dependent on government but has the opportunity to experience the American Dream just like I did.”

Brian Kemp who is Georgia’s Secretary of State says he is a small business owner who  had a construction company for more than 20 years and worked for other people for seven years.”I’ve worked with every kind of person you can imagine in that time, and I think that any of them will tell you that I’m hard working and fair and I think you’ve seen the same from me in the Secretary of State’s office,” he says.

Now both men are running for the republican nomination for governor. They have many of the same concerns like providing high speed internet service across rural Georgia. Kemp says it will help develop business where it is most needed now. “You know to me that’s the next highway–you know that’ the next railroad, it’s the next interstate. It’s the informational highway,’ he says.

Cagle agrees. “But I will also lead on infrastructure about something else I am very passionate about and that is rural broadband–making sure that companies have the access that they will need to broadband to open their companies in rural Georgia along with making sure that when students come home at night to do their homework, they have reliable internet.”

Cagle visted Bryan County last week, laying out an ambitious agenda which included creating 500,000 jobs in his first four years as governor, a $100 million tax cut (he says for all Georgians, not just the rich ones) in his first 100 days and a 10 year program to inspect and come up with a true program to maintain roads and bridges.

Kemp says he “has already cut red tape for business owners through his leadership at the Secretary of State’s office and that will continue if he is elected governor.

“We’re going to do that with business people not bureaucrats. That’s one of the things as a small business owner that frustrated me. It’s why I first ran for the legislature is all the regulations,” he says. “In the Secretary of State’s office, we’ve taken huge measures to make our office more efficient and easy for working people, and Georgians, to deal with our office, and we want to take that throughout state government and completely reform that.”

Cagle says he wants to improve the high school graduation rate as well as apprenticeship and other programs to help high school students transition immediately to careers in local businesses. He says that’s why job creation continues to be critical.

Kemp told us he is “for anything that move education down the road and supports school choice.”

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