Efforts underway to improve current 911 center

SAVANNAH, Ga. – In the effort to improve 911 response time the county plans to open a new center, but it might come without the city’s help.

Right now, the call center employs 100 people, but according to the latest report of metro police that’s not enough.

Chatham County Manager Lee Smith would like to regionalize the call center by moving the location to make room for more people.

A goal the city supports, but can’t afford.

“It is definitely a priority,” Rob Hernandez, the City of Savannah city manager, said “The facility is undersized for a community as large as Chatham County is, and so we recognize that we need to move forward as a county. Not just as the city of Savannah, but as a region we need to move forward with a modern 911 center.”

Hernandez said the county has $15 million of SPLOST monies they can use from their budget.

The city does not, but will try and incorporate funds when it comes to their next SPLOST agreement.

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