City hosts neighbors to talk preparedness for storms and disaster

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – We are just one month away from hurricane season.

“It’s been over thirty years since a hurricane truly impacted Chatham County it may be another thirty years or it could be next month, you never know,” says CEMA emergency management coordinator Randall Matthews.

Many Savannah neighbors talk the lessons they learned from the damage of Matthew.

“Some that stayed they have said they will never ever stay again because of the wind and the storm that came, they had never experienced anything like that,” Raymond Arrington who serves the Leesgate neighborhood.

The city hosts the event that talks readiness for any  disaster from hurricanes, flooding and as we saw this week tornadoes can target our homes.

“Sessions like this ensure that the neighborhood residents are actually being equipped with the information they need as well so that we can be able to bring Savannah back online as quick as possible,” says the city’s director of community planning and development Kerry Reid.

The workshop puts everyday neighbors in connection with volunteer groups as well as relief agencies, contacts that were not that strong before hurricane Matthew. It’s also a chance for CEMA to bring up their new plans.

“Those hurricane evacuation zones, are going to be everything east of the Truman Parkway, another zone is going to be between the Truman Parkway and Interstate 95, and the last evacuation zone is going to be everything west of I 95,” says Matthews.

They are changing their plans, and the many neighbors who came here have done that as well, to be more prepared for the next storm.

“If it’s a ten-day hurricane and nobody knows, because it moves the way it wants to move so you’ve got to be prepared and ready for anything,” says Arrington.

The community planning department will host another leadership workshop in June.

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