Students React to Georgia’s New Campus Carry Law


Savannah — (WSAV)

It was a controversial issue debated for months in the Georgia Legislature, but now, the so-called “Campus Carry” Bill is law.

Governor Nathan Deal signed the measure yesterday.

Most of the students News 3 spoke with do not think the new law is a good idea.  But, gun permit holders can now legally carry firearms in specific areas across public college campuses in the state.

Governor Deal signed the bill because he says he wants students to be safe.  But, there are a few places where they cannot be carried.  Guns are now allowed in athletic buildings, student housing, classrooms nor campus day cares.

Some students across Savannah told News 3 this new law puts them on edge.

“Some schools have problems with guns on campuses illegally already as it is so giving us the permission to have them on campus, you’re just going to have more problems with violence,” says Nigel Stevenson, a student at Savannah State University.


“The only way it can help you is if it’s in your hand at the time you need it and the chances of that happening are very slim,” says Allison Spencer, a recent college graduate.

The new law goes into effect July 1.



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