Neighbors clean up after confirmed tornado rips through Garden City

GARDEN CITY, Ga. – On Friday neighbors in Garden City walked out of their front door in shock. Before them lay the aftermath of a tornado.

Thursday evening gave way to a tornado ripping through part of west Chatham County.

Just before 7:00 p.m. on Friday, the National Weather Service announced a tornado was present in the Garden City area. Five people were injured and 14 buildings were damaged, including five homes.

Work is still being done to determine the magnitude of the twister.

Floyd Cohen had just finished paying off his home after thirty years when the tornado destroyed his part of his house.

“It was getting harder and harder and the tree cracked and I told my wife, ‘Let’s run,’ and we slammed the door and by the time we got to the front it was over just like that fast,” he said.

Part of his roof and garage are destroyed. Next door, trees were down, power lines mangled, and a trampoline thrown down the road. Now Coin and others having to rely on friends, neighbors and insurance to help over the months to come.

The NWS did not issue a Tornado Warning for Chatham County, leading many to ask what happening, especially in a time of a national disaster. Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter surveyed the damage for himself on Friday afternoon at the site of a destroyed Advanced Auto Parts.

“We’re still working with the national weather service to see why there was no warning and what we can do better next time and see if there are problems that need to be fixed,” Congressman Carter said.

In the meantime, Cohen and other will spend the weekend cleaning up and teaming up to move forward from this tragedy.

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