City to host training to prepare you for severe weather

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Protecting your family, friends and neighbors is how the city plans to prepare you for a natural disaster, especially one like Hurricane Matthew.

“We have to work together to inform everybody,” Rosabel P. Dixon, the Cloverdale Neighborhood President, said.

That’s what the city plans to do through their Neighborhood Leadership Training Saturday morning.

“It’s an attempt for us to try and build the skills and resources that are available to our neighborhood residents in our community,” Kerri Reid, the Savannah Community Planning Director, said.

After Hurricane Matthew, the city put together a few groups like Savannah Fire, EMS, CEMA and American Red Cross to name a few.

They will give guidance on what to do when an emergency situation happens.

DIRECTOR “It’s actually a checklist that will tell them types of things they need to look at if they are trying to ensure that those individuals in their neighborhood that may have special needs that they’re actually working together as a community to ensure that they’re covering their area,” Reid said.

People like Dixon have been through this training before.

“I call my neighbors, especially the ones, the elderly, to find out if they need help,” Dixon said.

It’s been a while since the city has had a session, but she says you need to attend.

“We utilize that by coming back to your neighborhood and sharing it with the rest of the residents and let them know how they can prepare for the catastrophe that may come up,” Dixon said.

No matter what that catastrophe may be.
“We all need to have a plan,” Reid said. “We need to be prepared and everyone’s plan is different. And the sooner we can figure out what those things are, things that we need to cover for our families the better off that we’ll be.”

Again, the training is May 6th and is from 8:30 a.m. to noon in the Coastal Georgia Center.

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