Video: Record flooding wreaks havoc on Midwest, South

A bobcat moves a pile of sandbags to be stacked on South Central Avenue in Eureka, Mo., to protect businesses from the rising floodwater of the Meramec River on Monday, May 1, 2017. Torrential rain caused Missouri waterways to burst their banks over the weekend forcing hundreds of road closures and causing people to take precautions against possible flooding. (David Carson/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP)

VALLEY PARK, Mo. (NBC) – Overnight,  another devastating line of thunderstorms moved through the Midwest and South,  bringing more rain to areas already dealing with historic flooding.

St. louis is effectively cut off from towns to its southeast because many of the roads are partially under water.

There are at least five reported deaths from the flooding that officials say may continue into the weekend.

This morning, in parts of the Midwest and South, torrential rain is adding to already record flooding.

Down river, water surging through a levee breach northeast of Little Rock as officials warning it’s a “life threatening” situation with the Black River surging at 10 feet above flood stage.

National Guard are troops now on alert with 6,400 nearby residents told to seek higher ground.

Another terrifying scene in Iowa, La. as a school bus with kids inside, comes precariously close to tipping over. The kids all rescued and OK this morning.

Everywhere you look you see water and stories of misery.

Stacy Robinson’s basement flooded in 2015. She just had it redone three weeks ago, and now, it’s under water again.

She said, “I haven’t had much sleep, I set my alarm for, like, every 45 minutes to wake up and go out and check the road to see how far it’s come up.  I’m wanting this rain to stop, you know, I hate this.”

The water is beginning to recede and residents could be let back into their homes in the next 24 hours.

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