Thieves that can tow caught on home camera, multiple reports of stolen trailers on eastside

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A home video camera catches thieves in the act. The homeowner first thought his friend was using his trailer only to look back at the surveillance tape and see two people in fact picked it up and rolled away with it on foot.

He’s finding out, he is not alone. The victims are trying to still wrap their heads around why someone would walk off with their trailers–both at least 12-feet long.

“That’s someone’s livelihood that you’ve taken,” says Victory Heights neighbor Taylor McMasters.

The trailer is one tool that McMasters relies on more than any other for his business.

“You can replace saws, you can replace tape measures, but when something that’s worth $2.500 in value is taken from you like that, it’s, it’s a huge setback.”

He showed the video to us showing the duo pick up the trailer and walk off without a hitch. Losing it sets McMasters back 10 days on his latest project, one close to home for him.

“The wood that was on the trailer, most is just framing lumber, but it was the wood to build my mother’s front porch on her house.”

McMasters renovates homes around the Victorian District. It’s a business he plans to go back to school for and needs to finish the renovations before he begins classes. This theft could also set him back in his savings for school.

“You can’t really explain why someone would do something like this except that there is a lack of humanity somewhere.”

He took to Facebook, asking for help, as well as to alert neighbors to be on the lookout.

In doing that, he found out another neighbor had their trailer stolen as well.

“It’s kind of weird that somebody could just walk off with a trailer and take off with it so it’s definitely a new one for me,” says Kyle Hamm who lives just a few streets up from McMasters.

Hamm’s wife called him Tuesday night to ask if he was using the trailer. She told him the dogs were barking and then when she looked out the front window, it was gone. He’s not certain if it was walked off or not.

While we were out there, we found the lock he had on it, it was cut by what looked like bolt cutters.

“If we don’t get the trailer back, then as long as we get an arrest out of it I would be….I would feel a little better about the situation,” Hamm says.

Hamm was talking to neighbors throughout the afternoon. Some told him the man and woman in McMasters’ video frequent the area and shops along Pennsylvania Avenue.

Metro police have not reported any arrests or updates on recovering the stolen property.

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