“Savannah Forward”, District 4 community voices concerns in area

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Many people stepped up to the plate Wednesday night to tell city leaders what they’d like to see in their communities.

“We’ve had people break in to cars,” Joe Heitman, who lives in District 4, said.

That’s just one of many problems community members spoke about at the Savannah Forward Campaign meeting for District 4, which is all the way from Midtown Savannah to the Southside and extends as far east as LaRoche Avenue.

“The city talks about how much they have spent on police and recruits and meeting the neighborhood and items as this,” Heitman said.

Heitman has lived in District 4 near Waters Avenue and Montgomery Cross Road since the 70’s. And he said one policeman patrolling the area once in four months  just isn’t enough.

“Like to see where our money’s goin and police presence, which we don’t have,” Heitman said.

Hearing about these issues is the whole purpose of these meetings and crime isn’t the only problem on the list.

“Crime and how we deal with police and how police deal with us,” Julian Miller, the District 4 Alderman, said. “Storm water treatment. Traffic, Traffic in the neighborhood. We’re a 300-year-old city. We’re not designed for all these cars. We will come together with a list of concerns. We will batch them as best we can.”

A goal Heitman hopes the city will accomplish.

“Now, whether they do anything about it I don’t know, but some of these meetings if people would actually express their opinions something has got to happen or something will happen I feel like,” Heitman said.

And that can only happen if the community shows up.

“I really think that more people should be here,” Heitman said. “I mean, maybe they go to other districts and all, but yes the city does need to have input from the personnel that pays their salaries.”

Again, these meetings are happening throughout the month of May. The next one is tomorrow for District 5 at the Liberty City Community Center at 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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