One Last Playoff Run For Coach Curley

Savannah, GA – The Benedictine Cadets are marching on to the second round of the GHSA Playoffs and they’re bringing an underdog attitude to the field.

“I feel like we have a chip on our shoulder being the only private school in Double A baseball. We’re really excited of course to be in the playoffs and we feel like we can do it this year,” said BC senior Philip Moore.

There’s something different about this year’s playoff run, because it will be the last one for long time assistant coach Bill Curley. Coach Curley will retire from BC after spending over two decades as a coach and teacher. He will return back to Connecticut to help take care of his family.

“I’m starting to run out of tears because it’s been a very hard decision to retire and move back up and try to help out my brother. But it’s the right thing to do,” said Bill Curley

Coach Curley plays down the role his has on the team.

“I’m just pretty much a cheerleader here but these guys know their stuff. These are college level coaches and these kids are getting the best,” said Curley.

When you ask the rest of the team, you’ll find out about Coach Curley’s real influence.

“He’s really been a great mentor and a great guy that loves you unconditionally and we’ll always remember that,” said Moore.

“He was at the right place, at the right time for a lot of young men and BC is sure going to miss him when he’s no longer with us next season,” said Jack Holland BC’s Pitching Coach

The team will also miss those signature Curley catch phrases at every game:

“If he would of hit it would have been a double on any check swing
“When he looks at the scoreboard and says lots of 2’s.”
“You know can of beans all the time.”
“Can of beans is a good one when a ball is hit to the outfield.”

There’s also one more thing these Cadets want to  do for a man that has given him so much to their school.

“If we could just make a run at it for him. And for ourselves but I’m sure he would love to watch us just go as far as we can,” said Moore.

When the final out does come this season that will be the final baseball season for Coach Curley, a man who’s loved every day he spent with The 400.

“I’m blessed. I’ve told the boys a million times I’ve never told anybody I had to go to work. I get to go to BC every day. I’m just a few hundred miles up I-95 I know how to get here,” said Curley.


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