Buddy Check 3: Gift of good health

Mother’s Day is a special time to let your mom and other women in your life know how much they mean to you.
Giving the gift of good health is today’s Buddy Check 3 Report.
According to the American Cancer Society, in 2017 it’s estimated there will be just over 40,000 breast cancer deaths in the United States.
40,000 seems like a big number, but it’s real.
That’s the number of people that would fill Wrigley Field…40,000 too many.
That’s why Susan G. Komen of Coastal Georgia encourages you to follow through with the breast health screening messages.
“Talk to both sides of your family and your doctor about your personal risk of developing breast cancer. Know what is normal for you. So notice how your breast look and feel and report any changes immediately to your physician or health care provider. Get screened at the appropriate time for you, and live a healthy lifestyle,” explains Mission Outreach Coordinator, Julie Schwartz.
To schedule a mammogram call our buddy check 3 partner – St. Joseph’s/Candler at 912-819-3360.

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