Community rallies to help families affected by fire

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. – Not one, but two Tybee Island families lost everything they own in the fire last week.

That’s why on Tuesday night the community rallied around the families to help their neighbors and friends in need.

“I’m so grateful for our community and all the great friends and family that we’ve had,” Danny Rapposelli, one of the homeowners, said.

That fire destroyed both homes and state insurers said they don’t know the cause and it will likely remain that way.

They said the damage to the 14-year-old wooded home is just too extensive to tell.

You gotta help people, and then one day if you ever need help somebody will hopefully be there,” Gerald Schantz, owner of Gerald’s Pig and Shrimp owner, said.

And that’s not all the Rapposelli’s lost.

“Unfortunately, we did lose our cats and the first thing in my mind is I hope they didn’t suffer,” Danielle Rapposelli, another homeowner, said.

Last Wednesday, the Rapposelli and Bazemore family’s homes went up in flames on the island.

“Our neighbor had called us and still didn’t really know the intensity of it, and then called him and found a friend that picked him up from work,” Danielle said.

You could see the smoke all around the island. Once news spread of what happened islanders didn’t hold back.

“Where we work at Huc-A-Poo’s and IGA and also our Tybee family in general,” Danielle said. “Our Tybee family is so big that they just take care of each other when things like this happen. I feel blessed to live in a place like this.”

The barbeque is for both families and you could donate any amount to get a meal.

The Tybee Market IGA supplied 40 Boston Butts, Gerald’s Pig and Shrimp cooked it and Tybee Marine Rescue served up the plates.

“It shows that people care about their neighbors,” Schantz said.

Even though everything’s gone they are happy about one thing.

“It’s just things so he was safe; I was safe with my nana and my mother, so that was the most important thing. And also, that nobody else got hurt,” Danielle said.

News 3 also reported last week that the community was searching for a black dog. It happened to be the Rapposelli’s and as it turns out he swam two miles to his dog-sitter’s house where they found him.

Now, if you missed the barbecue it’s okay you can still donate through their pages. Click here to donate to the Rapposelli’s and here for the Bazemore’s.

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