Flood Rescue: Heroes Save Infant & Toddler

A group of good samaritans rescue an infant and a two-year-old who were trapped inside a car that had flipped over and has rushing water flowing inside.

And this rescue was all caught on video.

This heart-wrenching video shows a group of people who stopped to rescue this family outside Myrtle Springs, Texas.  The rushing water made it difficult to open the vehicle’s doors.

The man who shot the video said the baby was limp and appeared to be turning bluish-gray when pulled from the vehicle.

At one point, the person shooting the video put the phone in his pocket to help give the baby C-P-R, but he kept the recording going and we can hear what happened.

As CPR was performed, you can hear a woman nearby praying for Jesus to let the baby breathe.

The rescue happened shortly after tornadoes hit the area.

Both children survived and are said to be in stable condition.

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