Weather Wise Kids: How much math is needed for a meteorology degree?

Noah, 13 years old, wants to know…  how much advanced math is required for a degree in meteorology?

Well Noah, there’s a lot.  Here’s a typical college list…  calculus 1, 2, 3 and sometimes 4… differential equations… linear algebra… statistics… and a calculus based physics class and lab.

To some, this class list sounds just awful.  But to a meteorologist, it sounds challenging… and maybe… dare I say it… fun!

Look I first made math team back in middle school, and I have always loved math!  And many others do too!  Math fans say math is really the language of science.

While I’m not necessarily doing complex equations every day in my job at WSAV, as a meteorologist I do look at rates, changes through time, cause and effect relationships and try to understand the complexity of the atmosphere.

To simplify this a bit… look at it like this..  a thunderstorm is really a 3-dimensional mass of cloud that moves through the atmosphere.  Well, it’s my job to predict where that storm will be and what area will get the severe weather.  This is simply a calculus problem.

So instead of looking at math as… Mental Abuse To Humans…  try looking at it like this… every problem has a solution.











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