Seahawks “Family” Aims For State Title

Hilton Head, SC – There’s one word to describe the Hilton Head Lacrosse team this season.

“Every game we’re getting ready for the game, getting each other motivated. It’s literally like having 32 brothers right next to you so it’s the best thing that you could ask for,” said senior Duncan Marx.

And these Seahawks have their eyes set on the ultimate prize.

“Every since I started playing lacrosse here it’s been one goal in mind is that State Championship,” said Marx.

“I’m so determined. My mindset is just so straight forward.  I believe as a family that we are. What we’ve been through our ups and downs that we can definitely pull this off,” said senior Logan Johnston

To get to the State Final the Seahawks have to go through Bishop England Tuesday afternoon. The Bishops are one of three teams that beat Hilton Head this year. While the spotlight is brighter, the Seahawks aren’t avoiding the pressure.

“To be honest with you this is why we’re coaching, this is why we’re playing. These are going to be the games that you’re going to remember, and you want to play the competition that’s the best in the state. And bring your team. I know that my team is ready,” said Hilton Head head coach John Werner.

At times the only people that believe the Seahawks can win it all are the ones on the roster.

“Everyone in the high school kind of degrades us saying we’re not going to win a State Championship and everything. But as together as a family we know what we need to do. I’m very excited,” said Johnston

This team uses the “family” chant at the beginning of every game. At the beginning of the season it was just a slogan to chant but later in this season the coaches noticed something different.
“About three games ago all of a sudden it gelled. It just came in. And they play like a family they’re selfless. They share. Sometimes they fight with each other like normal families do too but it’s always about the best interest of the team. When those things occur,” said Rich Thomas.

The Seahawks and Bishops will kick off their playoff game tomorrow night at 7 p.m.

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