Poll: Trump approval low as he approaches first 100 days

WASHINGTON (NBC)- According to a new NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll, President Trump’s approval rating is down to 40 percent. That’s down four points from February.  It’s also the lowest job-approval rating for a new president at the 100-day stage in the history of this poll.

While President Trump says the 100 day milestone isn’t really meaningful, calling it an artificial barrier, his White House is gearing up to have high-profile events all week. They are also dealing with a budget deadline.

On Friday, funding for the government runs out and so there are lots of behind-the-scenes negotiations going on to get something that Congress would pass and the president would sign. While for President Trump border funding and a wall is incredibly important to him, that’s not popular with democrats and even some republicans question if it’s the right investment. That would mean U.S. taxpayers paying for a border wall and President Trump tweeted that eventually Mexico would pay in some form he says.

But this would get the process going. He used Twitter to explain why he said Mexico would pay on the campaign trail and now he’s looking for tax payers to foot the bill to begin a plan and construction for a border wall.

Also this week the president will mark his 100 days with a rally in Harrisburg, Penn. It’s a chance for him to try to define what he has gotten done when others say that maybe his presidency has not been successful yet because some of the big items like repealing health care simply haven’t happened.

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