Officials to embrace community to improve the Hostess City

SAVANNAH, Ga. – “It’s really in terms of what we want our city to be, how do we deliver services, how do we address social issues in our community and that’s tailored in a much more comprehensive way,” Alderman Van Johnson, of the 1st district, said.

Coming together to improve the city of Savannah is one mission city leaders are working to complete.

“These sessions are an opportunity for our residents, our citizens those stakeholders that are in our community to be able to provide input in terms of the direction they think we need to go,” Johnson said. “Not just this year, not just next year, but five, 10, 20 years from now.”

That’s why aldermen from each district will host meetings once a week throughout the month of May.

“How do we get to where forward is,” Johnson said. “How do we get to the place we want to be? We cannot do a strategic plan without having public input.”

Input that can range from fire services to property management.

“Start the work on the arena. The voters have voted for that,” Rev. Chester Ellis, the Carver Village Neighborhood president, said. “The monies have been comin in, and so I’m hoping that they will go ahead and get that in place.”

They encourage everyone to come from their communities and voice their ideas and opinions about changes they’d like to see.

“From the richest of us to the poorest of us, all come to the table and that’s why I think these meetings are important because then you get to express what your likes are and your dislikes are,” Ellis said.

If you’d like to see when your Alderman will be in your district, click here.

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