LeCounte Leads Defense on G-Day

Athens, GA – When Jacob Eason earned the starting quarterback job here last year at Athens as a true freshman, people assumed it would be his to keep. But when Kirby Smart steals away a four star recruit away from Alabama you kind of have to give him a shot.

So today we got our first look at the brewing quarterback battle between Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm. Eason the rising sophomore looked more comfortable early but by the second quarter both guys were unleashing 40 yard bombs.

In fact it was Fromm who tossed the first touchdown of the day connecting with Jerimah Hollaman. He finished 14-22 through the air with 277 yards and two touchdowns. Essentially the same stat line today as Eason’s.”

“He loves the game, got spirit, talking to lineman talking to everybody. Had to jump him in a scrimmage because he started yelling at lineman. Told him we don’t do that here. Don’t talk to the opponent. Don’t wanna take the fire out of the kid but he’s got moxie in him. He gets juiced in competition. Gotta control that part of the motion. He understands what coverage he’s seeing, excited about Fromm,” said UGA Head Coach Kirby Smart.
Just because you are the best high school safety in country a year ago doesn’t guarantee you a starting spot in an SEC Defense as a college true freshman but based on what we saw today here in Athens. Richard LeCounte might actually pull this off and we know that because in front 60 thousand he led both teams in the Georgia Spring Game in tackles.

The Liberty County graduate piled up 9 tackles and he hasn’t even played a real game  yet for the Bulldogs. Obviously made note of his standout play.
“I love coaching him. But he does on the field, he runs fast, tries to hit you (TAKE KIRBY SUPER), likes tackling. Likes playing football. Those guys make good safeties. Gotta take care of his body get bigger this offseason, but I’m excited about Richard and think he’s gonna be a great ball player,” said Smart.

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