UPDATE: Deputy shot in domestic dispute released from hospital

Photo courtesy: Jasper County Sheriff's Office

NEWS 3 UPDATE: Jasper County Sheriff’s Deputy Justin Smith is out of the hospital and recovering at home.

Sheriff Chris Malphus posted a photo on the department’s Facebook page today.

Deputy Smith was shot in the arm last week when responded to a domestic dispute.  Hardeeville Police Sergeant Kelvin Grant was also injured.  There is no update on his condition. The suspect was shot and killed by officers.


HARDEEVILLE, Sc. (WSAV) –  Just after 6 p.m. Thursday night, multiple gunshot were heard from a house on Sanders Road in the Sanders Subdivision of Hardeeville. Both the Hardeeville Police and Jasper County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call regarding a domestic violence dispute. When they arrived at the residence, they found  26-year-old Jose Alberto Trejo trying to shoot his mother.

“So of course, they entered the house, and the suspect came out of the bedroom firing at the officers, with no warning, so it was kind of an ambush style type of attack is the way we feel,” said Jasper County Sheriff Chris Malphrus.

According to officials, Sgt. Kelvin Grant was shot in the hand and collar bone area and Deputy Justin Smith was shot in the arm…. The officers returned fire, ultimately killing Trejo on scene. The officers both underwent surgery Friday, and are now in stable condition.

“I want to see all of our officers go home at night. And so we train them very hard to try and do that. And we’re fortunate that their training kicked in and they were able, ya know, they’re hurt, but they can go home,” said Hardeeville Police Chief Sam Woodward.

Although officers are unsure what may have prompted Trejo’s shooting rampage, a background search revealed a long arrest history.

“He’s been arrested by Beaufort County, by Jasper County, and Columbia PD and there’s there’s another out of state charge here, but his charges stem from anything from criminal domestic violence to weapons charges, to DUI, trafficking drug charges,” said Malphrus.

But neighbors say the mother and stepfather who live at the residence are good neighbors.

“Like when something’s wrong with the trailer they help us with the trailer…” said Lizabeth Mar.

Both officers were wearing bulletproof vests, and the deputy was wearing a body camera. SLED is currently investigating the shooting and the video will not be released until their investigation is complete.


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