Police Spouses Dealing with Worry, Wonder during Standoffs

While the officers are on the scene, potentially under fire.

There is a family at home waiting, and wondering.

The wife of Savannah-Chatham Metro Police’s SWAT team’s commander to find out how she’s deals with the danger.

“Right away I can tell his tone changes,” explained Dana Flood.

Dan Flood is SCMPD SWAT Commander

That’s what Dana Flood says happens as soon as her husband Dan gets the call that SWAT is needed.

“I usually try to stay calm. It doesn’t help to get stressed out. The more I know the more anxiety builds,” explained Dana. “When i start to think about it the emotions start to kick in and I just pray.”

Prayers for her husband to do his job and make the right, and safe decisions.

“He prays over them, and he thinks about their safety and he takes it serious,” said Dana Flood. “He wants those guys to go home to their families as well.”

And would she ever ask him to step down?

“That’s what is in his blood to be a hero,” smiled Dana. he couldn’t go to bed at night knowing he’s not there.”

But in 2008 he was almost not there, getting fired at and firing back at a suspect.

“It became real to me at that moment,” said Dana.  “You never think its going to happen to do but when it does, he could have easily turned me into a widow.”

But Dan Flood walked away safely. coming home to a loving wife and kids.

“I hear him come in, I hear the velcro come off the vest and that’s a sign, every wife will tell you that’s a sign he’s home,” smiled Dana.
“That’s the happiest noise out there?”
“That’s the happiest noise, because it protects.”

Police Family Day is a free fun event for police families from around the area

Dana says she couldn’t get through it all without the help of the other spouses as well, the ones she calls her “blue line family.”

Saturday, there’s a special event for those families.

Its called police family day put on by “handcuffed to my hero”, a police spouse organization.

Its at the Paulson complex in Savannah from 11am to 3pm.

Thanks to many sponsors coming together to make this a free and fun event!

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