Statesboro wins $1M for revitalization in ‘Americas Best Communities’ Competition

The five Blue Mile Committee Members are headed to Denver today for the America's Best Communities Prize Ceremony.


On Wednesday, Statesboro claimed the number three spot in the America’s Best Communities contest, a $10 million dollar community revitalization campaign sponsored by Frontier Communications, DISH network, CoBank and the Weather Channel.

Five members of the Blue Mile Committee brought home the $1,000,000 million dollar prize from the ceremony held in Denver, Colorado yesterday.



Eight communities competing for the title of best community…and one of them is right here in our area!

News 3’s Courtney Cole visited The Blue Mile in Statesboro to find out what happens if they take home the grand prize!

The Statesboro community gathered in Jones Lane Park for a rally on Monday morning to celebrate “The Blue Mile” as a top eight finalist in the America’s Best Communities Contest. The contest aims to give back to communities that are working hard to be make their hometowns better for everyone.

The “Blue Mile” is the one-mile stretch of U.S. 301 South that connects main street to Georgia Southern and to the courthouse.

If the area is selected as the winner of the contest, the community will win $3,000,000—money the Blue Mile Committee, The Statesboro Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Development Authority can work together to use to continue their nearly three-year effort to revitalize and stimulate economic development.

The Downtown Development Authority already a has a few ideas about how they’d like to spend the money.

“We think right now we could start doing some streetscape, start some trees—our arches was kind of an introduction to it. We also think we could use some of the money for helping strengthen our neighborhoods on the side,” said Allen Moledrew, the Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority.

Statesboro is going up against seven other communities:

  • Chisago Lakes Area, Minnesota
  • Darrington/Arlington, Washington
  • Huntington, West Virginia
  • Lake Havasu City, Arizona
  • Madison, Indiana
  • Tualatin, Oregon
  • Valley County, Idaho

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, April 19th.

Statesboro, WSAV is rooting for you!

To learn more about the America’s Best Communities contest, click here.

Click here to learn more about The Blue Mile.



We will continue to bring you the latest on this story.



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