Rare April Tropical Storm forms in the Atlantic Ocean

Here is the 5pm update on newly formed Tropical Storm Arlene.

Tropical storms are rare in April… as a matter of fact… only two have formed in the Atlantic Basin (Atlantic Ocean… Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico) since the satellite era began (1960).

One of those two formed late this afternoon… when a tropical depression in the central north Atlantic became tropical storm Arlene.

At 5pm… the center of Arlene was located at 37.7 north… 42.0 west… or about 815 miles west of the Azores.

Arlene is not threat to any land areas.

Maximum sustained winds are around 45 mph.

Arlene is expected to be absorbed by a large extratropical storm and dissipate Friday.

Arlene is moving briskly WNW around 25 mph… and this general motion is expected to continue until dissipation on Friday.

The official start of hurricane season in the Atlantic basin is June 1st.

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