Fire Investigators: Garden City Scrap Metal Car Lot Fire Caused By Electrical Problem

Garden City — (WSAV)

New information in the massive blaze at a Garden City car part business last week.  Fire officials have now completed their investigation into how the fire started.

There were dozens of cars that went up in flames in the lot.  In fact, people miles away saw the fire and smoke billowing from the Shining Star One Scrap Metal Facility.  You can see mangled, burned-out cars all through the lot.  Crews spent the day moving the vehicles away from the property.  According to the Garden City Fire Marshal, an electrical light inside the building short circuited which ignited gasoline and fuel containers.

“Gasoline is a very fast accelerant when it comes to fire and it’s real easy to ignite so when you add that to the mix, obviously it will create a chain reaction,” says Chief Corbin Medeiros with Garden City Fire Department. 


There were only minor injuries in the blaze.  The manager plans to move the cars to another lot.



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