NEWS 3 EXCLUSIVE: Armed robbery victim speaks out

SAVANNAH, Ga. – A Savannah man is determined to mend the city of Savannah after becoming a victim of an armed robbery.

Drew Sellers, 27, says he was walking home on Whitaker Street on the morning of February 2 when he was approached by a stranger. He says the two exchanged hellos and Sellers turned on to West Gordon Lane. The man followed and soon they were met with another man.

“The gunman stepped from behind a dumpster with a gun drawn and that’s when the whole exchange happened,”

The men demanded Seller’s wallet and phone. He complied but the robbers weren’t through with him.

“Shooter then pistol whipped me on the temple of my head and then shot five times,” Sellers said.

Two of the shots hit Sellers in the femur and skin.

Sellers says he fell to the grounds and the men fled.

“I began crawling to my house yelling for assistance,” Sellers said.

He was rushed to Memorial University Medical Center where he had emergency surgery. He said without the help of first responders and doctors, he would not have made it.

From there he went home to Atlanta to receive months of treatment.

“I didn’t exactly ask to be a victim of gun violence but here I am so I’m going to do the best with it,” Sellers said.

He is now dedicated to turning his tragedy into triumph.

“Well you either become like them and create more chaos for others or I pray for peace in my heart so that I can’t create chaos,” Sellers said.

He plans on staying in Savannah and becoming an advocate to speak out against gun violence and what he called a “systemic” problem for youth in the city.

Savannah Chatham Metro Police Department says the two men are still on the loose. If you have any information you are encouraged to call 911 or Crimestoppers at 912-234-2020.



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