Concerns raised on campus carry bill at town hall meeting

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Guns on campus are what were on the minds of many at Savannah State Monday night.

Out of the more than 20 bills on the list there are only two that stood out for those who attended the Town Hall meeting.

The main one was house bill 280 Campus Carry.

This bill would allow licensed gun owners to carry a weapon on campus.

Community members who spoke said they already fear Savannah’s gun problem, but all of the representatives there reassured them they voted no and still strongly disagree with the bill.

Now, they’re urging the governor to veto it just like he did last year.

“We’re very aware of how dangerous allowing weapons could be,” Stacey Abrams, the House Minority Leader, said. “Weapons on campus have not been demonstrated to actually improve safety, but they can certainly put young women and young men in greater danger.”

Another hot topic was House Bill 434 Eminent Domain. Community members News 3 spoke with said they want to learn more about how this bill would be beneficial to the community.

Representative Mickey Stephens of Savannah said this would help clean up neighborhoods around the city and help eliminate crime.

“The city and the county will be giving out grants for those people who want to buy these properties, but these properties are homes that you put back in them an replace them,” Stephens said.

This is just one of many meetings leaders are having across the state following the legislative session.

These representatives have presented these bills to create change in the Hostess City and the state.

Below is the list of House and Senate Bills on the table. Click here for their description:

HB 44: Budget

HB 73: Rural Revitalization Income Tax Credit

HB 86: Domestic Relations

HB 139: Education

HB 222: HOPE

HB 245: Professional Standards Commission

HB 251: Emergency Management

HB 338: Treatment of Low-Performing Schools

HB 453: County Law Library

HB 485: Distilled Spirits

HB 510: Alcoholic Beverages

HR 240: Joint Study Committee on Reforming HIV Related Criminal Laws

HR 560: Public Utility Payment Study Committee

HR 561: Georgia Higher Learning Institutions

SB 16: Low THC Oil

SB 174: Accountability Courts

SB 175: Juvenile Code

SB 176: Driving Privileges

SB 186: HOPE for Dual Enrollment; Caregiver Educational Consent Act

SB 201: Sick Leave

HB 452: Criminal Immigrant Registry; Domestic Terrorism

SB 104: Human Trafficking; False Insurance; Car Theft

SB 160: Back the Badge Act of 2017

SB 193: Crisis Pregnancy Centers

HB 37: Sanctuary Campuses

HB 243: On-Call Scheduling

HB 268: Voter Registration

HB 51: Campus Sexual Assault

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