Flights issues in recent days from United and Delta, new legislation one solution?

It’s been a tough two weeks for thousands who fly. There was the incident of a passenger being dragged off a United flight.

But some who weren’t paying attention missed the issue of what’s now referred to as the “Delta meltdown.” A storm last week reportedly caused equipment failures (big time) in Delta’s Atlanta hub. The Delta CEO said 4,000 flights were cancelled and has now apologized to customers.

One of them who thinks he may be owed more than an apology is Kevin Walli. We found him at the Savannah Hilton Head International Airport Thursday. He had planned a vacation to visit his parents and had planned to fly in last Friday. But he was two days late getting here. “They sent me a text and said my flight has been cancelled, we’re working to re-book you and I never heard back from them, so I basically got on the Internet and re-booked myself,” Walli told me.

Delta’s CEO said 4,000 flights were cancelled and apologized to customers.

But Walli and others still aren’t clear what really happened. The storm that caused issues was last Thursday but flights were being cancelled into the weekend. “It just seems like they gave it up, you know they quit and left all of us hanging,” said Wallie.

In Savannah, we found Barbara Hamilton, a local who was flying to New York. While she said she had confidence in Delta today she did tell she “had a horrible experience Flying Delta in February.”

Hamilton also couldn’t help but have the incident of a United passenger who was forcibly removed from a flight recently, fresh in her mind. “Well I pray to God that we don’t have any of those experiences on this flight,” she said. “I’m not prepared to be dragged off the flight.”

Hamilton also took exception with the airline practice of bumping passengers, saying in the case of United that it was for the airline’s own staff. “They need to get their staff to the destination in another way. We paid for a ticket, the stafff didn’t,” Hamilton said.

The United incident has prompted one member of Congress to offer a bill sayying customers are not cargo. “You can hardly find a person who has not been irritated by their airline provider at one time or another,” said Lisa Gilbert of Public Citizen. “And I think this particular consumer abuse really struck a chord with folks across the country and the backlash is because of that.”

While Delta is promising things are back to normal, Walli said he enjoyed his visit with his parents in Savannah, but would have liked the two extra days with them. He also told us he still wants more satisfaction from Delta. “I emailed them on the 7th, I heard back from them on the 13th. And I was on the phone with them for three hours and I didn’t hear from anybody,” he said

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