Couple Files Lawsuit Against City for “Excessive” Tasing

Newlyweds enter a convenience store and their lives are turned upside down in an instant.

Now the couple is suing the City of Port Wentworth and that police officer, who they say got too physical.

“He said go outside. Go. And you don’t touch me.”

Thats how the discussion started in April of 2015 between Officer Chassity Pellegrino and Marcus Macmullen.

Chassity Pellegrino is accused of using excessive force during arrest of Marcus and Emery Macmullen

Just 20 seconds later he was on the ground, taser leads in his chest, under arrest.

Minutes later his wife Emery is also in handcuffs, her kids left behind in a car.

The charges were eventually dropped a year later when Pellegrino didn’t appear in court.

A lawsuit just filed last week in district court claims the officers were wrong and the city should pay for Pellegrino’s decisions and actions.

Words like false arrest and imprisonment, excessive force and aggravated assault are used throughout the document.

The Macmullens use words like “fury” and “angry and hostile” to describe Pellegrino’s actions.

Documents News 3 obtained show this isn’t the first time Pellegrino has faced accusations.

In 2013, then Chassity Johanson, was arrested for simple battery for hitting her husband. That case was eventually dropped and the couple divorced.

Also in 2013 during a traffic stop, the then SCMPD officer was accused of telling a man “you probably have aids”.

That complaint was “sustained” by the Chief and she was suspended.

Eventually she resigned “not in good standing” from Savannah-Chatham Metro Police and moved to the Port Wentworth Police Department.

There she faced accusations of racial profiling and excessive force, which were both considered “unsustained”. Then she was caught driving 98 miles per hours in a 45 zone.

In a letter from January of 2015 Major Lee Sherrod recommended Chassity Pellegrino be terminated for insubordination and reckless disregard for safety.

Then this incident happened in April of 2015. Port Wentworth police said the Macmullen’s claims of unlawful arrest were “unfounded”.

Four months later Pellegrino resigned from the Port Wentworth Police Department.

The lawsuit asks for monetary damages for constitutional violations, damages, physical and emotional pain and suffering.

The Macmullen’s are no longer married and say this incident and the legal battles are to blame.


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