Tree threat neutralized 6 months after Hurricane Matthew

(SAVANNAH) Success after six months of searching for a solution to tree trouble. Jacquelyn Tanner says Hurricane Matthew left a tree tangled in a phone line, looming over her home since the night the storm swept across the region. After turning to the property owner where the tree was rooted, Crossroad Apartments, AT&T, the utility company that owned the line, and Savannah’s Property Maintenance Department, Tanner came to WSAV for help. “They seemed to be more on they side than they were on my side.” Tanner said.

After weeks of pushing for a solution, AT&T agreed to cut the branches out of their line as a courtesy. Weeks after the pledge, AT&T delivered, cutting the tree out of the line six months and three days after the hurricane. “”I had a lof of fight to get it down, but it’s got to the ending part. A lot of people give me the run around, so I had to do what I had to do.” said Tanner who adds that without WSAV intervention, she’d still be living with the tree threatening her home. “That’s the only way it got done. If ain’t for you. Thank you.” Tanner said.

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