Some futures for ASU remain safe as merger process continues

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Salary, work load and the fear of not seeing change are just some of the topics staff questioned their new president about at the discussion on Armstrong State University’s campus Wednesday afternoon.

But, the one big concern is what the future holds for faculty for this coming school year.

“I’m not sure how many combined employees we have at both, so estimating the number we’d keep would be difficult,” Jaimie Hebert, Georgia Southern University’s President, said.

That’s just one of many things the operational groups are trying to figure out as they make their suggestions for the combined schools moving forward.

“They’re really the ones who are going to be setting the standards, which they will live by,” Hebert said.

Which is something the University System of Georgia Board of Regents believes will help the school as a whole in the long run.

“The notion that by combining you could create a significant growth plan for southeast Georgia,” Don Waters, a UGA Board Regent member, said.

A plan that will not limit positions for those who already on staff at both colleges.

“After the first couple of layers of the organizational chart there will be ample positions available for everyone who works on both of these campuses,” Hebert said.

Those employees will get first dibs.

“My intention is to fill those positions internally. I am currently looking at resumes and letters of intention by the Vice Presidents on both of the campuses. I will make those internal decisions,” Hebert said.

The Board of Regents has a few words of wisdom to help shake any fears faculty members may have about their future with the college.

“Focus on the opportunity,” Waters said. “It’s really not a notion of cutting and shrinking it’s a notion of growing the Savannah.”

Growth you’ll be able to see by next month.

“I think by the end of May you will start to see this new institution taking shape and being able to visualize it,” Hebert said.

Hebert did not have all the answers Wednesday, but he did say once they get the colleges more established, and there locations, he’ll be able to provide more information.

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