Update: Cause of fire at Register town hall still undetermined; not ruled suspicious

UPDATE: The Georgia Insurance Commissioner’s Office tells us the cause remains undetermined. They cannot rule out electrical malfunction in the case.  It also does not appear to be suspicious at this time.


REGISTER, Ga (WSAV) – Fire officials in Register are investigating what led to a blaze, that destroyed the city’s town hall.

City council plans to meet this week as its normal schedule meeting but instead of  talking city business they’ll be talking about how to recover from this major loss.

“My thought was everything was going to be gone, the way they were describing the building everything was going to be gone,” says city clerk Paige Robinson.

An early morning fire has left the Register town hall a charred shell of its historic image.

“Our computers the hard drives, everything gone,” Robinson says.

Restoring the information on those is uncertain as is the cause of the fire. City leaders do believe it was accidental.

“The last time somebody was even in the building was Thursday afternoon at four o’ clock, so nobody should have been around the building so what we are looking at is possibly wiring or something like that I mean,” says city mayor Barbara Rushing.

The building has been in Register for decades and was donated by the city of Pooler.

“We had stuff that was in there a long time and it’s gone,” Robinson adds.

Not all was lost. Mayor Rushing believes recent public documents of importance were saved.

“We had two fire, fire-proof safes so all of the documents and everything and money things like that locked up in it everything’s fine.”

For the time being the town council will relocate to the community center in the heart of town. They will meet with neighbors to make a decision on what the fate of the town hall will be.

“It’s going to be a long road but we’ll get back to normal,” says Robinson.

Mayor Rushing says the city will reach out to the insurance provider on how they can replace the building. She adds that fire investigators will not be able to make a full investigation until Monday.

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