Lifeline for Children: Advocating for abused and neglected children and their families in Chatham County

April is National Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month. The American Society for the Positive Care for children estimates that almost 2,000 children suffer from abuse every day, with roughly 1,600 abuse related deaths every year.

For the past 40 years, Lifeline for Children, a volunteer organization, has been helping victims of child abuse and neglect in Chatham County by providing resources and advocating for their needs.

Lifeline chair, Jacki Small, and Department of Family and Childrens Services retiree, Sharon Carson, join the conversation with details on their work in the community and how you can get involved.

For information, call: (912) 484-2418
Membership in Lifeline for Children

•    To request a speaker or presentation for your church or organization

•    To help with Lifeline for Children special events

•    To make  a contribution (all programs are funded by voluntary contributions and fundraising)


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