Harbour Town welcomes thousands for RBC Heritage six months after Hurricane Matthew

HILTON HEAD, Sc. (WSAV) – Harbour Town Golf Links in Sea Pines Resort debuted its new life to thousands of people for the start of RBC Heritage Monday, just six months after Hurricane Matthew ripped through.

In the opening ceremony, speakers remembered Hurricane Matthew and honored how far Harbour Town had come in the past months to welcome everyone for the PGA Tour event.

“Let’s all extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who made what seemed impossible, possible,” Hilton Head Mayor David Bennett told the crowd.

“The course might look a little brighter and greener because there’s less trees…. but it was truly a community effort,” Tournament Director Steven Wilmot said.

In just the past two weeks, the 18th Green docks went up, and in the past month, the charter dock was redone, little moves that Harbourmaster Nancy Cappelmann says got them to this day.

“The whole decking of that pier was washed away… It took away our charter docks, 18th green docks… they were all down the fairway of the 18th Green,” said Cappelmann. “The marina’s been virtually rebuilt; every dock in here has new whales and rods or new floats. Everything is brand new in the harbor and today is day one of our reopening.”

“Today, you see no signs that a hurricane was here,” said Bennett.

Cappelmann said the marina is about 80% booked each day of the week. Still without electricity, boaters have to operate on generators for now.

“Harbour town is a Mecca,” she said, “We still have some challenges and some work ahead of us but we’re over the lion share of it and we’re pretty excited to be open today.”

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