Victims, advocates rally for more funding to solve rape cases

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Georgia’s rape kit backlog has been an active issue in the state government the last few years. Thousands of women wait as the timeline in uncertain if these kits will be processed and their rapists will be brought to justice.

Georgia law was passed last year to try to help the rate at which rape kits are processed in Georgia. Rally goers say still not enough is being done to address the crime and find justice for women waiting for those kits to be tested.

“Rape is a crime, rapists are criminals and it is never your fault.”

The women who help and the women who have needed help rally for better justice in rape cases.

“I hadn’t been culturally informed about what rape meant on such a personal level. I thought it had to be in a dark ally with a stranger, with somebody I didn’t know, but it was in my dorm room with someone I knew, and I never told anyone,” says Meghan Roguschka who says she was raped more than five years ago.

People like Roguschka join the rally to help women going through unsolved cases. Hundreds of rape kits in Chatham County alone sit unprocessed.

“These kits have been sitting on the shelves some of them for decades and now it’s going to take another eight years to test them and that doesn’t even count all of the new cases,” says Kristy Edenfield with S.T.A.R.

Edenfield says the rally is not just about shedding light on the issue of rape culture, but calling to action the local and state leaders to be serious with stopping it.

“We’re calling on them to also fund for two additional attorney’s for the district attorney’s office so that these cases can be prosecuted.”

They are also asking more funding for special victims units. Demands and messages that were heard by Chatham County’s own District Attorney. If things do not change, Edenfield believes many women will go decades without justice.

“By processing these kits it’s giving them healing, it’s giving them closure, it’s giving them an ability to move on, but in the meantime they’re in limbo, these kits are sitting on the shelf with the evidence of the crime that was brutally committed and they’re sitting in limbo.”

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