Some Chatham Co. Residents Complain They Didn’t Hear Sirens During Storm

Savannah — (WSAV)

We received several calls and emails from viewers saying they didn’t hear any weather sirens warning them about a possible tornado during Wednesday night’s storms.  If you live in Chatham County — you’re correct.

Today, we went to the Chatham Emergency Management Agency to get some answers.  Officials told us the weather siren is only activated if there is a tornado warning issued in the county.  Last night, a warning was issued for the extreme Southeast section of Chatham County, but officials say there are no sirens located there because that area is uninhabited.  But, if there is a tornado warning in Savannah or anywhere in Chatham County, chances are — you still may not hear it.

“Some people depending how close you are to the sirens you might hear them outside.  The sirens are designed to be outdoor notification only,” says Dustin Hetzel with CEMA.

Chatham County has 62 weather sirens from Bloomingdale all the way out to Tybee, but again, unless you’re standing outside, you may not hear it.  Officials advise everyone to purchase a weather radio just in case your power goes out – you’re still prepared during a storm. 


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