Marlin the Malamute visits Georgetown K-8


Some Georgetown K-8 students received a visit on Wednesday morning from a very special four-legged guest, as they moved into day three of the Georgia Milestones Assessment (GMAS.)

Hi name is Marlin the Malamute! He’s a therapy dog who took a paws to help students feel more at ease ahead of taking the test.

The students were all smiles as they got the chance to show him some love, but Marlin was pretty comfortable, too—soaking up all the love he was getting today!

“It’s Day 3 of testing, and by now, students and teachers are really feeling the pressures of this test…and they see Marlin coming down the hallway and like I said, everybody smiles and just wants to love on him and hug on him,” said Renee Rogers, the Testing Coordinator for grades 3-8 at Georgetown K-8.

While Marlin is doing his part to help them to calm and de-stress before the test, there are a few things you can do to help your students prepare, too!

“The way parents can help is, one: make sure they go to bed early the night before, they need their rest…and to make sure they get a good, healthy breakfast the morning of the test. And also, give them a little time, that way they don’t have the stress of rushing to school,” Rogers told News 3.

Marlin is a regular in the halls of Georgetown K-8—he also comes in for reading groups and visits with older students as well.


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