Tree threat from Hurricane Matthew still looms for Savannah resident

Tree toppled by Hurricane Matthew tangled in phone line and threatens two homes in Savannah

(SAVANNAH) A tree toppled by Hurricane Matthew remains tangled in a utility line behind Jacquelyn Tanner’s house on the Southside. Tanner’s efforts to find relief have been unsuccessful. The tree is rooted on a neighboring apartment complex, but the management of Crossroads Apartments have done nothing to the tree that’s located about fifty feet from the leasing office. The City of Savannah’s Property Maintenance Department says there’s no municipal intervention available, as Tanner’s problem is a civil matter between two private citizens. Tanner talks about living with the tree looming over her home. “Scary, dangerous, so I just hope they move the tree branch, I hope they move, move it as soon as they can.” said Tanner.

News 3 has spent months trying to find help for Tanner. Last week, AT&T, who owns the phone line where the tree is tangled, issued a statement. Ann Elsas, said “”We are aware of the issue that Ms. Tanner has raised; and we have inspected our utility pole behind her home and does not need to be replaced at this time. I touched base with our construction group. They are working with a tree service company to handle the work. We expect to have the branch removed soon and I’ll let you know when the work is complete.” Elsas said. Tanner says she’s happy about the promise to get the tree branch off the phone line, but hopes it happens sooner than later.

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