Orange Crush, Alcohol and amplified music restricted on Tybee Island

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. – “That’s good because I’m not even allowed to work on Orange Crush because my parents won’t let me,” Cayden Campbell, who lives on the island, said. “So, that’s better for me. I can be out and I can be safe.”

Campbell,15, is responding to the resolution Tybee city leaders passed restrict alcohol on the entire Island during the two Orange Crush events in April.

“Bottom line is the folks who are coming here are those who we are trying to protect,” Jason Buelterman, the mayor of Tybee Island, said. “I mean, I think it would be completely irresponsible of us to not take action to prevent a tragedy from taking place when you have a history of that happening.”

This action has been taken after a shooting during one of the events two years ago. Campbell works down the street from where part of it happened, which is why her parents kept her from working.”

“They just don’t like me out,” Campbell said.

City leaders plan to schedule the same amount of police protection as if the event were to happen.

And if they catch you with booze in your hand, then there will be costly consequences.

“The ticket will be at least $200 because you’re going to have to come to court and there’s court costs and those are usually at least $200 on top of any fines that are issued,” Buelterman said.

Buelterman added they tried to avoid this restriction altogether by finding and working with event organizers.

“We reached out after an exhaustive search on Facebook and using the tools at our capacity with the help of some other experts who are able to identify people on Facebook to reach out to those folks in person and try to convenience them to come in and get a permit and that we would want to work with them,” Buelterman said. “We would love to work with a promoter for this, but that has not been the case.”

The resolution also includes restriction of amplified music. Those dates are April 14th – 16th and 21st – 22nd.

This restriction does exclude permitted businesses like sidewalk cafes.

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