March’s Outstanding Student: Briana Hayes

Baxley, GA – When you think of golf in Georgia you think of the Master’s. When you think of an outstanding student in Georgia you should think of Appling County High School’s Briana Hayes. The Pirates golfer is also a 4.0 student with a love for science but also has a love for her community. To see her influence look at the giant pile of Pop Tarts at her school. Every box will be donated to the local food bank.

“They have a system where they donate to under privileged children in which the children get Pop Tarts snacks little things to help go throughout the week or the weekend.  I have adults coming to the high school and bringing Pop Tarts. I have Pop Tarts on my driveway at my house,” said Hayes.

Briana doesn’t only shine on the golf course but on the beauty pageant stage as well, as she won a preliminary contest for Ms. Georgia. Between homework, Pop Tarts and runways Briana says she learned her independence hitting for fairway.

“But it really does teach you that you have to be confident in who you are and what you can do and do it yourself,” said Hayes.

Eventually Briana wants to combine her love of philanthropy and science in a medical career.

“If I could possibly go into the medical field I could be more than just a doctor to my patients I could be a friend, because part of healing is having someone there to support you,” said Hayes.

Parker’s believes by investing in outstanding students like Briana is the best way to invest in a community like Baxley.

“I think we’re giving back to about 435 schools now in the areas where we do business and give back hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. So we think that in recognizing that they’re the leaders of our future we’re making an investment in those communities by supporting those students,” said Greg Parker, Parker’s Founder and President.

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