Tree remains tangled in utility line months after Hurricane Matthew

Tree toppled by Hurricane Matthew tangled in phone line and threatens two homes in Savannah

(SAVANNAH) Thousands of trees were removed from utility lines in the weeks following Hurricane Matthew’s landfall in Savannah last year, but one resident is still living with a tree tangled in a phone line, the only thing keeping it from falling on Jacquelyn Tanner’s house on Wild Turkey Road. The strain from the weight of the tree is written on the base of the closest utility pole. the line is owned by AT&T. The tree is on property owned by the Crossroads Apartments, and the City of Savannah says the situation is a civil matter between two private parties. Tanner says it seems no one wants to help alleviate the threat she’s facing, even though there are now children playing on the precariously positioned tree. “The city not helpin’ me a little bit. When they went back there tallking, look like they on they side more than on my side. That’s the way I feel, none of them are working with me. I just want the tree branch off my property.” Tanner said. AT&T issued a statement about Tanner’s situation. “We are aware of the issue that Ms. Tanner has raised; and we have inspected our utility pole behind her home and it is in both working condition and does not need to be replaced at this time.” The statement read.

When News 3 attempted to get comment from staff in the leasing office for Crossroads Apartments, the staff person on duty locked the door and refused to open it to answer any questions about the tree’s removal. Tanner says she has received the same treatment from the time she first approached the complex about doing something about the tree last November. She says with the new development of children from the apartment complex climbing the tree, she’s urging someone to take action before someone gets hurt. “It’s not safe and it’s not safe for the kids in the back playin’ on it too. They ain’t lookin’ ’bout the safety of the kids or my safety. That’s the way I feel.” Tanner said.

Late Tuesday afternoon, ATT announced that they dispatched a survey crew to the site and they plan to take the tree off their utility line as soon as possible. News 3 will continue to follow developments with this story.

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