Storm Chasers Killed in Texas Crash

Three storm chasers were killed in a car accident in west Texas today (Tuesday).

The storm chasers were chasing severe storms when officials say a black suburban ran a stop sign at an intersection and collided with a black jeep.  The three occupants in the two vehicles were pronounced dead at the scene.

Officials have identified the deceased as 57-year-old Kelley Williamson, 55-year-old Randall Yarnall, and 25-year-old Corbin Jaeger.  Williamson and Yarnall were contractors for the Weather Channel.

Officials say the accident was not weather related, and the crash is under investigation.

Below is the full statement from The Weather Channel:

“This afternoon we learned that three people died in a car accident in Texas, including two contractors for the Weather Channel, Kelley Williamson and Randy Yarnall. Kelley and Randy were beloved members of the weather community. We are saddened by this loss and our deepest sympathies go out to the families and loved ones of all involved.”

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