7th Annual St. Baldrick’s brings in more than $60,000 for childhood cancer research

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – It’s a close shave that could help save a life.

For seven years now, dozens of folks have had their heads shaved during the St. Baldrick’s Day head shaving event. All of it to help fund childhood cancer research here in Savannah.

“It’s just to show solidarity to the children letting them know that even though they are losing their hair to chemotherapy and that’s a scary thing it probably affect their self-confidence, that we’re there for them, we’re doing the same thing and that bald is beautiful and we’re trying to raise money to find a cure,” says event organizer and local pediatrician Dr. Yael Elfassy.

Every two minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. This annual event is a part of the overall foundation that is the largest contributor in the country to research for a cure.

“I am a retired teacher so I worked with kids all of my life, I think it’s just a good thing to do to make the kids feel good and your hair grows back it’s no big deal,” says first time shavee Gwen Eiger.

It is a big deal that Gwen Eiger herself had a bout with cancer and survived. That’s the case for many of the more than seventy people who shave their heads they one way or the other have had cancer affect them.

“Our children are our future and we have to take care of them and we have to add the dollars in that are required for research,”says Bob Eason who is also taking part in the fundraising event for the first time.

The dollar amount goal this year was more than $40,000 towards research. By the time the trimmers started up they had already reached more than $52,000. Morgan Webb and her team leading that fundraising charge.

“It’s a serious event but it’s lighthearted and fund and we can laugh and cut up. In the end we are gathering to show them, or well to me showing children that have lost their hair to chemo that their beautiful,” Webb says.

Unofficially, the event brought in more than 10 to $12,000 according to event organizers. They are confident this year they have raised more than $60,000 towards research.

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