New cancer center Effingham County to treat patients closer to home

SPRINGFIELD, Ga. – Instead of driving 30 miles or more to Savannah for treatment people can now get it closer to home.

The idea is to help those in Effingham and surrounding counties and one cancer survivor said she loves it.

“It’s just wonderful because it’s so much traffic heading on out it will be wonderful to have it right here,” Emmie Lindsey, a breast cancer survivor, said.

Lindsey is a 28-year breast cancer survivor. Even though she doesn’t need the chemotherapy anymore she knows others who do.

“It’s means a lot to us and saves a trip to Savannah maybe,” Lindsey said.

That’s one of the goals for the new center in Springfield, Ga.
“Most of our members in our community travel to Savannah for hematology and oncology services and our desire was to keep the services at home to bring it closer to home,” Fran Baker-Witt, the Effingham Health System CEO, said.

Experts said there’s an estimated 48,850 cancer cases for the Peach State this year. The rate for women 65 and younger in Effingham County is 26%. For men it’s 23%, which is just one of many reasons to add the facility.

“We are very glad,” Lindsey said. “Very proud of the hospital too.”

For the last two years Effingham Health System partnered with Summit Cancer care to make the addition.

That resulted in such a venture that everybody in the community will benefit from it,” Baker-Witt said.

A benefit that will help families with loved ones suffering through the terrible disease.

“It’s very rewarding to know that we will make a difference in someone’s life,” Baker-Witt said. “Someone that’s at a place in their life that require treatment for a terminal illness. To be that beacon of light for a family member.”

Experts also said the biggest cancer culprits in the Effighman County area is breast, prostate, lung, colon, rectum, melanoma and thyroid cancers. All cancers the new facility will be able to treat.

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