Mayor: “Satisfied” with Alderman Thomas’ apology

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Savannah’s Mayor says an apology is enough from alderman Tony Thomas. He made it clear the actions of the alderman were not fitting the standards of a city leader. This all during a press conference Tuesday.

“He along with all of us as representatives of the city of Savannah are held to a higher standard and unfortunately he realized he fell short of that on Friday,” says Mayor Eddie DeLoach.

Mayor DeLoach broke his silence surrounding the actions of sixth district alderman Tony Thomas. Thomas admitted to being intoxicated the day of the parade and issued an apology here on News 3.

“I apologize that I went a little too far with having fun,” Thomas said Monday morning.

The mayor met with Thomas after our interview where he says Thomas apologized for his actions.

“Am I satisfied with it sure, sure. I think we’ve all made errors in our everyday lives that we are not proud of and the first thing that you need to do is apologize for those errors and move forward,” says DeLoach.

Many viewers are not satisfied. During our live stream of the conference Heidi Averette had this to say:

“All persons in public office are role models. Is this the type of role model you find acceptable to represent this city? This is a disappointing statement and reaction from the mayor. Unacceptable from Tony and the Mayor. I see a change coming from future elections.

Viewer Janie Brewer commented:

“How many apologies do we have to accept from him before he is held accountable and removed from council. He’s only sorry because he was caught drunk as a skunk. He is a bad representative for the city and southside Savannah.”

Some made the case it was not a big deal.

“So he partied. He broke no laws didn’t get arrested. Just had a good time. So who cares give the guy a break,” commented Dale Patrick.

Removal is asking a lot, what isn’t is to censure or reprimand the alderman. but an apology
seems to be enough for the mayor.

“He has acknowledged his error and has apologized to the public, he will be apologizing to the entire council soon,” says the Mayor.

Council meets again a week from this Thursday.


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